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  • Terms & Condition

    1. A contract for sale of goods is only formed between you and Ayurvedadoctors when Ayurvedadoctors receives cleared payment and notifies you by email.
    2. Ayurvedadoctors will not keep any details of your credit/debit cards or any other payment method you may use to purchase the goods. Our website is secure and your details will not be compromised.
    3. When ordering from Ayurvedadoctors you agree that email is the accepted form of communication and confirmation between you the customer and Ayurvedadoctors.
    4. Ayurvedadoctors reserves the right to make changes to the website and products without providing you any written notice as long as it does not affect your ordered product/s.
    5. Ayurvedadoctors is a solely online based company and accepts payment through credit cards, debit cards.
    6. Once your order has been accepted you will receive an email receipt. You will then receive confirmation when the goods have been dispatched. Ayurvedadoctors accepts no liability for any delays or failure in receiving products as this is done by third party deliver services. Ayurvedadoctors takes no responsibility for loss of goods or any additional excise duties at the port of destination. In the event that the third party courier fails to deliver goods you will be provided with the tracking details to resolve the issue yourself. You will have to re-order the goods at your own expense should they not be delivered.
    7. You agree that the risk of loss or damage passes to you upon dispatch of goods.
    8. If you are ordering products from abroad please be aware that the goods maybe subject to open inspection by border customs officers. Ayurvedadoctos Ayurveda accepts no liability in this event.
    9. Ayurvedadoctors reserves the right to reject your order should it feel it will not suit your requirements according to the information you have provided.
    10. By ticking the terms and conditions/disclaimer box before checkout you are confirming the following:
      • a. You will take the products according to the dosage guidelines set out by Ayurvedadoctors.
      • b. You are not suffering from any other illness or disease other than that of what you have bought treatment for.
      • c. You indemnify Ayurvedadoctors to any side effects or loss of life due to overdose or incorrect health information provided by you.
      • d. You have notified us to any current medical conditions you may have prior to ordering our products. You will then have received confirmation from our Ayurveda Doctor that the products are fit for you to take. The dosage and directions advice will also be provided.
      • e. You accept that Ayurvedadoctors products do not guarantee cure of any diseases.
    11. You may call the contact cellular phone between 10am and 7pm IST should you require advice and information.
    12. Your products will be delivered by COURIER and will contain a copy of MSDS report and COA.
    13. These Conditions shall be governed by Indian Law and the Delhi court shall have jurisdiction.
    14. If you are taking any other medication or have any other illness than that of what you are buying Ayurvedadoctors products, you must inform us prior to purchasing our products. If we feel that you are in a suitable condition to take our products we will then have them prescribed by one of our Ayurveda Doctors.
    15. Ayurvedadoctors does not guarantee cure for any disease mentioned on our website. Although we have treated and cured patients we cannot confirm this to everyone as each individual is different and responds accordingly.

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