Diyva Rogmuktta
Unique Package For Diabetes (Madhumeh)
Diyva Rogmuktta

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Diyva Rogmuktta


All types of diabetes medicines offered in the market are good in some ways. But the most trustworthy is Divya Rogmuktta. Being the largest diabetes capsules brand in India, Divya Rogmuktta has millions of users. It is an exclusive formula made on the primeval Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda medicines are found best against all types of diabetes.

Divya Rogmuktta is a composition of twenty-nine herbal & mineral drugs which trim down levels of blood sugar. It helps in retaining the sugar level and averts the intensification of diabetes. The anti – diabetic capsules we produce contain no toxic and harmful effect on the body and best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes in India.

It is one of the most known herbal supplements which treats diabetes because by preventing the sugar accumulation in the body. Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes does not produce sufficient insulin in a natural way to normalize the rate at which bodies absorb sugar in the form of glucose or other saccharides. Then glucose thus gets stored in the bloodstream of the person without being absorbed into the body cells for energy production.
It transforms tissue glucose use in insulin tissues. It aids to trounce complication of never-ending diabetes impediment onset of diabetic issues. It enables to decrease the glucose absorption from the git and enhances insulin & proinsulin levels.
It is a superb herbal medicine for diabetes. It is a tree whose bark effectively controls diabetes. The root of the tree is also utilized to control sugar level in a natural way. The herb has been known to have extraordinary active ingredients which are superb herbal medicines for diabetes.
It is one of the major elements in every blood purification formula utilized in Ayurveda and it is seen in most diabetic medicines as well. Nimb is utilized in treating a wide range of diseases including flu, sore throat, fungal infections, and fever, cold and skin diseases.
It is better known as bitter gourd. It is very popular for its anti-diabetic properties. It’s also loaded with micronutrients which are needed to prevent complications of diabetes.
Andrographis paniculate is the botanical name of Kalmegh. It belongs to the family Acanthaceae. It is one of the imperative ayurvedic herbs and has various health advantages. The whole plant of kalmegh is used as a remedy & the herb is also utilized to cure diabetes. It is found all over India.
Ashwagandha is adaptogenic, reduces stress and anxiety. It also acts as a useful anti-inflammatory. The herb is useful especially for diabetic neuropathy, fatigue weakness, and weight loss caused due to diabetes.
Daruhaldi is a rhizome found in south India. The roots of this herb are ground well to produce a powdery substance. This powder stimulates the pancreas to take more insulin into the blood. It also helps to prevent insulin resistance inside cells. It works as a channel opener for glucose into the cells. The herb purifies the blood.
Gokharu is a herb located in tropical climates across the world. Main regions are India, Australia, and America. The plant of Gokharu has long been utilized all over the world for treating different diseases. Gokharu is utilized in the Arabic folk medicine practice to treat various diseases, including diabetes.
Since a long time fenugreek or methi is being utilized as a medicine in India, middle east, egypt and other early civilizations. Fenugreek has brilliant properties to bring sugar and cholesterol levels under controlling situation. The seed powder of methi is utilized to control sugar levels. It can be mixed with above-described herbs.
Aamla being the world’s richest natural vitamin c source is also a supernatural anti-oxidant. One amla has 30 times more vitamin c compared to an orange. It averts aging and as such delays the onset of diabetic issues.
Ghritkumari is basically added in ayurvedic formulations for blood purification, skin disorder,s inflammation, and constipation. It also controls diabetes.
This is very popular herb and is commonly called turmeric. Turmeric powder is an effective anti-allergic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and one of the best natural anti-diabetics. It helps in purifying the blood, channel opener, aids in reducing the insulin resistance and thus paving the way for glucose into the cells. It is a useful herbal medicine for diabetes.
Bahera is a herb utilized as astringent & used in dropsy, diarrhea, and piles. The herb is also employed in fever, applied to the eyes & is applicable in a sore throat & other problems.
Harar is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. Firstly, it stimulates islet of langerhans beta cells present in the pancreas which releases the insulin in a proper amount required to regulate the levels of blood sugar. As per the ayurvedic concept, the harar is bitter in taste it scavenges on the glucose particles that drift in the blood stream.
The seeds of jamun are effective against diabetes and their powder is highly utilized in India to control the problems of diabetes.
Peepal leaf is utilized in traditional medicinal practice India for nearly 50 types of disorders like diarrhea, epilepsy, gastric problems, asthma, diabetes, infectious, inflammatory disorders, and sexual disorders.
Nagarmotha is a herb with a pungent bitter-sweet taste which relieves pain and spasms, acting on the uterus and digestive system. They are utilized in the treatment of menstrual complaints, digestive disorders & much more.
Deodar wood is utilized as a carminative in the Ayurvedic medical tradition to relieve painful gas and bowel’s toxins. It is used to treat fevers, rheumatism, piles, kidney stones, pulmonary and urinary disorders, insomnia and diabetes.
Lodhra is used as a uterine tonic. And have found important in improving women’s health.
This herb is utilized for lung disease, mouth ulcers, obesity, constipation, fungus, gas, indigestion, headache, abdominal disorders, heart disease, hemorrhoids, insanity, pneumonia, sore throat, toothache, and worms. It decreases diabetes related problems.
Arjuna is a large tree which grows wild in several parts of South Asia, mainly in Indian northern plains. The bark of the tree has natural alkaloids which are used for natural cure for heart and other diseases.
As per to Ayurvedic traditions, Chitrak enhances the digestive powers, increases appetite, and treats a range of issues of the alimentary tract, such as diarrhea, dyspepsia, and piles. It acts as an antiseptic and is also used in the management of skin problems & much more.
Giloya is one of the most incorporated Ayurvedic herb acts as aphrodisiac and tonic, it is also an Anthelminthic, anti-periodic, anti-arthritic, blood purifier, anti-pyretic, carminative, cardiac, diuretic, digestive, stomachic an expectorant, and aids in much more ways.
It is one of the most used anti-diabetics herbs in Ayurveda.
Red sandalwood or Chandan (red) is very helpful in fighting against type-2 diabetes. The herb also enhances blood circulation throughout the body.
It is known as the queen of spices. Elaichi helps in removing stomach cramps, enhancing digestion, and treatment of eyes. It detoxifies the body as well.
It is known as one of the most unique and potent rejuvenates. It is widely used for strengthening general physical, anti -aging, bone healing, blood sugar stabilization, kidney and many other applications for numbers of situations. It is extensively used in the treatment of diabetes.
These herbs provide numbers health advantages for everyone.
Main Ingridents Capsule
S.N. Name of Drug in hindi/Sanskrit Botanical/Latin Name Part Used Each 500mg. capsule contains
1 Gurmaar Gymnema sylvestre Lf. 150mg.
2 Jamun Syzgium cumini Sd. 75mg.
3 Karela Momordica chirantia Fr. 75mg.
4 Nimb Azadirachta indica Sd. 75mg.
5 Aswagandha Withania somnifera Rt. 75mg.
6 Kaunch Mucuna pruriens Sd. 50mg.
7 Sodium benzoate Perservatives Q.S.
Main Ingridents Powder
S.N. Name of Drug in hindi/Sanskrit Botanical/Latin Name Part Used Each 1gm. contains
1 Gurmaar Gymnema sylvestre Rz. 225mg.
2 Jamun Syzgium cumini Sd. 125mg.
3 Nimb Azadirachta indica Sd. 75mg.
4 Karela Momordica chirantia Fr. 75mg.
5 Vijaysar Pterocarpus marsupium St. 50mg.
6 Giloy Tinospora cordifolia St. 75mg.
7 Amalki Emblica officinalis Fr. 50mg.
8 Kalmegh Andographis paninculata Rt. 25mg.
9 Daruhaldi Berberis aristata St. 25mg.
10 Harar Terminalia chebula Fr. 25mg.
11 Behra Terminalia bellerica Fr. 25mg.
12 Nagarmortha Cyperus scariousus Rt. 25mg.
13 Lodhra Symplocos racemosus Rt. 25mg.
14 Tulsi Ocimum sanctum linn Lf. 25mg.
15 Arjun Terminalia arjuna St. 25mg.
17 Mulethi Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt. 25mg.
18 Haldi Curcuma longa Rz. 25mg.
19 Karanj Pangamia glabra vent Bk. 25mg.
20 Devdaru Cedrus deodara Lf. 25mg.
21 Palash Butea frondoza Br. 25mg.
22 Sodium benzoate Perservatives Q.S.

(Powder) Take 3g powder before meal twice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician

(Capsule) 1 capsule beore meal twice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician.