Diab-O-Nil Capsule
For Diabetes (Madhumeh)
Capsules (4x10)
Diab-O-Nil Capsule

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Diab-O-Nil Capsule

Diabetes ( Madhumeh)
One / Two Capsule Two Times A Day
DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE is a wonderful diabetes herbal cure that helps in the treatment of diabetes in a natural way without affecting other organs. DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE also helps to eliminate toxic substances from the urine for optimum functioning of the kidneys. DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE is a wonderful remedy to prevent infections. It helps to prevent eye complications by providing essential herbs. DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE helps to rejuvenate the skin cells and give fresh looking and clean skin. DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE also helps to boost up the immune system and prevent recurrent infections in people suffering from diabetes. DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE also helps in controlling symptoms of diabetes such as frequent urination at night,excessive thirst, desire for eating sugar, etc. DIAB-O-NIL CAPSULE may be taken every day for a longer period of time as it is natural and herbal remedy for diabetes and does not produce any harmful effects.
Main Ingridents
S.NO Name of Durg quantity
1 Trivang Bhasan 50mg,
2 Gurmaar(Mes-sringi) 300mg,
3 Neem Patra 100mg,
4 Chandanparbha Bati 200mg,
5 Nag Bhasan 50mg,
6 Jamun Guthli 200mg,
7 Karela 100mg,
1 capsule beore meal twice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician.